At Farmark Construction, we offer a variety of services to handle your commercial and residential needs. At Farmark we offer developers, contractors, municipal engineers, and planners a complete site servicing package for a one stop site servicing contract.

As a family owned business in operation for 50 years, we believe that it’s important to get to know our customers to ensure we deliver their expected results. We do this by outlining a detailed plan that describes what they need for their project.

Farmark has experienced employees and specialized equipment to provide:

  • pre-project assistance if required
  • site preparation including lot clearing
  • excavating and earthworks
  • water main installation
  • sanitary sewer installation
  • road building construction
  • small vehicle and pedestrian bridge work
  • onsite access and road building

We believe that the more we are involved in your project the better the result. We include pre-project assistance in our site servicing contracts offering you inspiration on innovative construction methods and cost-saving design ideas.

Contact us for more information about Farmark Construction and site services.