Farmark Construction is proud of its excavation services in its ability to create solid foundations. Our reputation is built on successfully meeting the challenges of the toughest site preparation and excavating projects within the ICI and residential markets.


The first phase of any project, no matter if it’s new construction, renovation, road paving, site grading or demolition, is to create a level and stable foundation. A foundation is everything to the success of a building.

We only use the latest excavation equipment. This is what ensures the job gets done efficiently without interruptions and delays. Our equipment operators are experienced and skilled at executing any excavation project. It’s our combination of the right equipment with an experienced crew that gets your project done on time – even in the cases of accelerated projects.

We are well equipped to handle any size excavation. No project is too big or too small for us. Farmark Construction cares about the integrity and quality of its work. Our site preparation for your project will be done quickly and meticulously to ensure you are impressed with the results. Preparing sites for strong structures and buildings are what we do best, and we’re ready to do it for you.

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